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Web links
​Please note: We have taken every precaution to check out these links and at the time this list was compiled, the links were current and suitable for student use. Some are commercial sites which include advertising, or offer other services. Parent supervision is recommended. The webmaster and Anne McClymont Elementary assumes no responsibility for the content of the sites or of secondary links which they contain.

BC Curriculum
BC Education Plan

Information and Reference

Ask Jeeves - Type in a question and Jeeves will find the answer!
Yahooligans - A search engine for kids
National Atlas of Canada online - Facts about Canada, teaching resources, Canadian communities
French - English Disctionary - Type in a word and it will be translated for you!
Guide to Grammer and Writing - Everything you ever wanted to know about...what else? Grammar and Writing!


Math - Make your own worksheets and online flash cards! - Makes the connection between math and literature
Math Terminology - Need some help on Math Terminlogy?
Math Glossary - A fantastic math glossary!
Kids Domain - Math Games
Fun Brain - Math and Language Arts activities/games - Click on netgames, early learning games, excellent for k-3 language arts and math games lick on netgames, early learning games, excellent for k-3 language arts and math games
Kidsclick - Maths extensions
aplusmath - Worksheets and flashcards
Brain teasers - Math Brain teasers
AAAmath - Great worksheets and online tutorials
Baron sd23 webpage - Great hands on sites for students - Great site and games for teaching analog clock - Best site on the internet for math!

Alphabuddies - Uses crafts to help teach children their alphabet
tooter4kids - online letter generator, holiday themes, handwriting sheets ect...
readinga-z - online reading program (requires a membership,but excellent website)
kiddonet- click on netgames, early learning games, excellent for K-3 Language Arts
kidsclick - a site ot order excellent software programs like phonics, keyboarding, spelling, ect K-6 - amazing site that has celebrities reading classic books (streamline)

Health and Fitness
Bodybreak - Great nutrition and fitness tips
BC Health Guide - BC Health Files, Nurse Line..
PEBC - Physical Education In British Columbia - Articles, resources

National Geographic - Great articles and videos
The Science Explorer - Great activites and experiments
Science Fair Projects - With Complete intructions
Bill Nye - Bill Nye the Science Guy TV SHOW
Earth Science - Rocks and Minerals, Soil Science
Discovery School - Lesson Plans, activities, puzzles and games, Videos
Science Games-  A game to introduce the Water Cycle, Earth, Pangaea maps
Weather - Games coloring book, crossword puzzles


Teacher Resources
4 Blocks Website - Lessons and activities
Powerpoints - Powerpoints for all curricular areas