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Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

​​​​​Our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) consists of every parent or guardian of a student attending Anne McClymont Elementary School. A slate of executive officers is elected by the membership at the September Annual General meeting. The PAC typically meets once a month except for December, March and June, in the school library to discuss school news, provide input on policies and procedures, and conduct the business of the council.  

Educational opportunities that are of interest to parents will be offered throughout the school year. Parents are welcome to submit suggested topics or speakers to the PAC executive.

There are multiple events throughout the year which call on parent volunteers to organize and run. These events provide fun, fundraising opportunities for the school and are lead by a parent coordinator. The recurring events are: the Scholastic Book Fair, Family Dance, Family photos, and Spring Fun Fair.  There are also on-going events like the spirit-wear program and the hot lunch program. We are always looking for volunteers to support these events. Please donate your time and expertise to the school. To learn how you can get involved attend a monthly PAC meeting or contact the PAC executive.

Important contact info

PAC Executive:

Hot Lunch Program Coordinator:

Hot Lunch and event ticket ordering:

AME Facebook group:



Stephanie Garrison


Nicole Greer


Shelby Obrand


Sara Muise

Past President

Laura Wilson

Hot Lunch Coordinator

Nadine Ghessesow

Anne McClymont Program Coordinators

Family Photos

Sara Muise

Scholastic Book Fair

Karen McFayden


Karen McFayden

Growing Smiles Plants

Stephanie Garrison

Family Fun Fair

AME PAC Executive

Teacher Appreciation

AME PAC Executive

Spirit Wear

​Sara Muise


Looking for a volunteer

Apple Legacy

Sara Muise

PAC Executive Contact Information

PAC President
Stephanie Garrison

PAC Vice-President
Nicole Greer 

PAC Treasurer 
Sara Muise 

PAC Secretary ​​​​
Shelby Obrand 

Hot Lunch Coordinator
Nadine Gheesow