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Study Tips

Test Taking Tips will help improve your test taking skills & study skills.

Whether you're a high school or college student, tests are unavoidable. If you take a multiple-choice exam your strategy will be different than if you were to take an essay test. Learning proper note taking, studying and test taking strategies are a vital part of improving your grade and academic success.  This information was taken from

Test Taking Tips

Studying is only a part of getting good results on your exam. No matter how hard you study as a student if you don't know how to go about taking a test, whether multiple choice or essay, you won't score the highest possible mark.

General Test Taking Tips:  Test Preparation | The Test | Post Test
Specific Test Taking Tips: Multiple Choice | Essay | True/False | Oral | Short Answer
Study Skills and Tips - Skills and Tips
Note Taking - Skills and Tips
Reducing Test Anxiety - Tips
Test taking Tips for Parents - Tips